Meet The T.O.P.S. Family
                                                                                      Markos           Soula                           

Markos was a young man who came to America with not very much in his pockets. However, he came here with a dream: to open a restaurant that everyone could enjoy. He had met his wife Soula in Greece while he was learning the tricks of the trade in culinary arts. In the 1970's, Markos worked in Philadelphia with his uncle and made pizzas and cheese steaks; this is what was the beginning of his culinary career in the United States.

Later on, Markos went on to become the executive chef of a Marriott Hotel, mastering his skills that he learned from cooking in Greece and Philadelphia. Deciding he wanted to open a business of his own, Markos had left the Marriott Hotel behind in order to pursue his dreams of opening his own restaurant.

In 1990, Markos had opened T.O.P.S. Pizza and Hoagies in the little suburb of Rosemount, population 2,900. His first day being open unsuccessful, Markos decided that if one sale was not made the next day, he would close down the restaurant and try elsewhere to pursue his dreams. At the end of that day, one man came in and bought a pop for 40 cents. That was the first sale, and Markos kept T.O.P.S. open for business ever since.